Karup. Karup Potato Starch Factory The factory is located in an agricultural area with lands that are particularly suitable for growing potatoes. It started production in the thirties. In the 1990's we increased the capacity to 12 tons of starch per hour and we are now taking part in a master plan that will make the factory the world's largest factory for potato starch. Vacuumfilter Karup. Danish  2min. The factory can now take in 300 tonnes of potatoes per hour and produce 70 tonnes of starch per hour. Everything is optimized and so simple that you only need to press START. Go to International Starch Institute Frontpage -  LINK


AKS. AKS in Toftlund was among the first Danish potato starch factories built in 1932. The capacity was gradually increased from the original 1 ton of starch per hour to 4 h. In 1989 we were commissioned to triple the capacity to 12 t of starch per hour and 25 years later we were asked to triple once more. 1989: Fully automatic potato warehouse. Capacity increase from 4 to 12 ton of starch per hour. 2016: Capacity increase from 12 to 36 ton of starch per hour. Refining Extraction AKS 2019 in Danish 14 min. Go to International Starch Institute frontpage - link - Back to top of page


Krasnodar. NewBio on stream. A new corn starch factory has been built on virgin land in the Alekseevskiy district of the Volgograd region near Krasnodar on the Kuban River in Southern Russia. The plant uses local sources of raw materials. 20% of raw materials will be delivered by own farms. 80% will be delivered by other farms of Volgograd region. The starch is extracted and refined in a unique process resulting in high quality native starch, maltodextrin and valuable feed products. Maltodextrin Starch Sweetener syrup Corn gluten Corn germ Corn feed Jens Thomsen, International Starch Institute A/S says to the press: "The factory is equipped with the most modern equipment and uses innovative technologies from the best European and world manufacturers to produce the highest quality pr