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Ayensu Starch Ghana

Cassava starch plant to be the first in Ghana. ASCo. President John Kufuor established a working group "Presidents Special Initiative (PSI)" to promote the agro-food industry. We have just built the Redhill factory in South Africa as the first modern cassava starch factory in Africa and PSI decided to follow up on that success and introduce the same technology in Ghana.   The initiative was backed up by government, farmers, local banks and others. From the Danish side Danida went in with a comprehensive three-year training package. This package included, inter alia approach to the use of effluent as fertilizer on farmland by land spreading and methods to monitor fertilizer efficiency as well as any nitrogen leakage to sub soil waters. Pulp Screen Factory Hall

Tianjin Tingfung Starch Development Co Ltd

Tianjin Tingfung Starch Development Co Ltd.  The company is located in the Economic Development Zone Tianjin, 300000 China Tianjin Tingfung Starch Development Co. Ltd. manufactures and distributes modified starch products. The Company applies its products to instant foods, frozen foods, dairy products, dressings, and fried product fields. Business began in 1996 relying on the management spirits of honesty, practical, and innovation has already become the largest food grade modified starch manufacturer and marketing company over one decade of development, and is now available to provide 150.000 tons of high quality food grade modified starch per year.  Our company has supplied advanced equipment and know-how from Denmark to manufacture various series of modified starch and instant starch from native potato starch, native tapioca starch, waxy maize starch and regular corn starch. Inauguration of

Ekha Farms

 Ekha Farms. Located east of Lagos this factory is dedicated to the production of glucose syrups from cassava roots. Cassava root yard leftmost  Root yard Root yard during construction Glucose converter during construction The president arrives. Inauguration of the factory Video 3D. 3 min. Clip 1 min. Clip 2 min. Go to International Starch Institute frontpage - link - Back to top of page


 Cassava. This factory in Swaziland has a capacity of 4 tons of native starch per hour. For the first time in the cassava industry, we introduced efficient rotating drums for washing the roots in the same way as we have used for decades for washing potatoes in our home market in Denmark. Likewise, we used high-efficiency hydrocyclones to refine the starch. The result was starch of high international quality. Roots Cassava root intake and washing Pulp yard Pulp screens Control room Factory hall Factory hall.