AKV Langholt.

AKV Langholt is the northernmost of Denmark's four potato starch factories and has approx. 185 members mainly resident in Vendsyssel and Himmerland. AKV has its factory facilities at Langholt north of Aalborg.

AKV Langholt produces potato starch based on deliveries of potatoes from the factory's members. The potatoes are delivered to the factory in the period September to December, the so-called campaign period, during which potato starch is produced around the clock. 

AKV Langholt

Landbrugsavisen: On 23 October 2017, AKV Langholt's members approved the plan for a major capacity expansion from present 20 t/h of potato starch (50.000 t/year).

2019 we were invited to install a new 14 t/h production line, which we did in 10 months from being asked. The 20/21 production campaign brought about 90.000 t potato starch.

14 t/h starch production line

Dryer erection

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